The Mermaid Experience – Chapter 9

April 7

The next day Katherine took her bag to work and explained Dave’s offer to Renna, Lacy, and Audra. They all decided to volunteer as bait, and each one went to the bathroom and changed into the transmitter-fitted underwear. Renna also took the bra for Teresa and put it into her bag to deliver when she went home. In the afternoon, the three girls explained the situation to Fernando, who put the crucifix around his neck and stuck the girdle for his wife in his locker.

“I don’t have a purse to hide this in like you girls do.” He complained.

“I suppose you could always just wear it underneath your clothes.” Renna teased. “It will help you tame that belly of yours.”

Fernando blushed a little. “My belly doesn’t need any taming. Be nice or I won’t lift you out of the pool.”

The three women did their practicing and fed the fish, then left work and went their various ways. Katherine met Allen after work as they had planned to go out for dinner. Allen drove them towards a waterfront restaurant that had been recommended by one of Allen’s co-workers.

“So how many people took Dave up on his offer?” Allen asked her.

“Everyone. At least, everyone at work. I don’t know what Teresa and Anna will say when they hear about it.”

“How does the bra fit? Is it comfortable enough?”

“Actually, it fits perfectly. It makes me wonder a little bit.”


“Well, all the other women said theirs fit well also. How is it that Dave’s people knew everyone’s underwear sizes?”

“That is kind of creepy.”

Suddenly, two motorcycles pulled up on either side of the car. The men on the motorcycles pointed guns at Allen and Katherine, and the one on the driver’s side pointed to an intersection up ahead, indicating that Allen should turn right. Allen looked around. They were in a quiet part of the city, and no other vehicles or people were currently in sight. He hoped Dave was keeping track of them as he took the indicated turn. The road they were following quickly entered an industrial area of town, and before long they found themselves in an alley between two large buildings. The man on the motorcycle indicated they should stop. When they did, the man yelled at them.

“Get out of the car. Slowly.”

Allen and Katherine obeyed. The two men wore black leather jackets and ski masks.

“I’ll give you my wallet, man. Just leave me and my girlfriend alone.” Allen said.

“Shut up and turn around. Put your hands behind your back.” Said the man in black.

Allen obeyed, and the man put handcuffs on his wrists. On the other side of the car, the other kidnapper was doing the same with Katherine.

“Now walk slowly to the back of the car.”

They both obeyed. Once they were behind the car, one of the men pointed his gun at them while the other stuck his gun in his waistband and reached into the car to get the car keys. He used them to open the trunk and then the one with the gun waved it at Allen.

“Sit on the trunk and put your legs together.”

Allen did as he was told, and the second man pulled out a roll of duct tape. He quickly taped Allen’s legs together at the ankles and knees. Then he took a couple of strips of tape and used them to seal Allen’s mouth. He finished by pushing Allen’s head down and lifting his legs up, dumping Allen into the trunk.

“Now it’s your turn, lady. Sit on the car.”

Katherine’s legs were also taped together, her mouth was taped shut, and she was pushed into the trunk with Allen. The trunk was closed, leaving them both trapped in darkness. It was very crowded in the trunk of Allen’s small car, and Allen was crammed up against the sides of the trunk and the lid. Katherine was squeezed in between Allen and the back of the car. The car began to move, and with every bump or turn her knees banged painfully into the metal trunk interior. They drove around for perhaps an hour or so, and then the car stopped. Katherine waited for the trunk to open, but it didn’t for a long time. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the trunk opened. It was dark outside, so she couldn’t see the features of the man who pulled her out of the car. He lifted her over his shoulder and carried her into a building and down some stairs. Then he carried her into a dimly lit basement room with concrete walls and floor. The man laid her down on the floor, and she caught a glimpse of another person on the floor as well. It looked like Maria, but Katherine couldn’t be sure because a woman stepped in between. The man rolled Katherine onto her side and grabbed her left arm at the wrist and above the elbow. He twisted it outward and the woman poked a needle into her arm. The anesthetic worked quickly and Katherine fell into unconsciousness.

When she awoke, she was lying on her back. Her pants and shoes had been removed, and her legs were now tied together with rope at the ankles. She was wearing an adult diaper. Her arms were stretched above her head and her wrists were tied to some kind of horizontal bar just above the floor. The duct tape had been removed from her mouth and replaced with a cloth gag with a large knot in it. Katherine looked to her left and saw Maria, who was tied and gagged in a similar fashion. Maria was looking at her, and from the red, bloodshot appearance of her eyes, she had been crying. Katherine tried to reassure her, but she could only make muffled sounds through the gag, so she had to be satisfied with nodding her head and trying to make her eyes look hopeful. She could hear some sound on her other side, so Katherine turned her head. She could see Allen tied up beside her, and beyond him, two more forms that looked like Fernando and Anna. All three lay unmoving, apparently still under the effects of the anesthetic. Since she didn’t have a choice, Katherine lay there wondering. When would the police come rescue them? Were the transmitters working properly? Would their kidnappers hurt them? The questions went round and round in her head.

After a period of time that seemed very long to Katherine, the door opened and some people came into the room. Katherine could see the man in black, carrying another person over his shoulder. Walking behind him was the woman with the syringe. As the man lowered the person he was carrying to the floor, Katherine saw that it was Renna, who was handcuffed and taped like Katherine had been earlier. With quick, efficient movements, the man rolled Renna over and held her arm for the woman to inject the anesthetic. When Renna fell asleep, the man took out a knife and cut the duct tape on her legs, then peeled the tape away from her mouth. Then he took out some keys and removed her handcuffs. Then he backed away and the woman pulled off Renna’s skirt and girdle, then put an adult diaper on her. She also took off her watch and earrings and put them in a bag with the clothes she had removed. When the woman was done, she backed away and the man tied and gagged Renna like the others had been done.

“That’s the second one of these girls who wore a girdle.” Said the woman. “Seems kind of strange for a group of young, fit women.”

“Ahh, women always think they are too fat.” Said the man. “Check over the others and see if any of ‘em need a diaper change.”

Maria’s diaper was obviously stained yellow, and Katherine could smell a slight urine odor from that direction. The woman apparently saw that as well, so she approached Maria.

“OK, girl. It’s the same deal as before. If you struggle you won’t get any food or water. Got it?”

Maria nodded her head. The woman then went about changing her diaper, tossing the dirty one into a garbage can in the far corner of the room. She was not very gentle about the process, but Maria seemed to be a bit relieved to have the wet one replaced. As she worked, the woman mumbled to herself. “I don’t know why he wanted to do it this way. There’s a perfectly good toilet down the hall. And what did I do to get the diaper changing job?”

Once Maria was taken care of, the man and woman left the room, and Katherine lay quietly for a while. In time, Allen and the others woke up. They struggled for a while, testing their bonds and looking around the room to size up their situation. Katherine tried to communicate with shrugs and eye-rolls. Eventually, the door opened again and two different men came in. One man wore a silk shirt and gold rings on his fingers. The other was the man that Allen had encountered at the beach. His right wrist was in a brace, and he glared at Allen menacingly. He pushed a cart into the room, loaded with water bottles with straws like runners use. The man with the rings began talking.

“Welcome to the Kings’ transfer station. I hope you are all comfortable. I’m here to tell you what happens next. You all made a big mistake a few days ago, hurting and embarrassing some of our gang members, like José here. We can’t let that kind of challenge go unanswered, so we chose to bring you all here. Other gangs would probably beat you up or maybe even kill you, but that’s not our way. We like to make a profit from our dealings with people. So you’re going to become Kings employees. In a day or two, you’ll take a little ride to your new home, where you will help to pay off your debt to us by turning tricks. It will be harder for the guys, because there isn’t as much demand for male hookers, but we should have enough to keep the two of you busy. Working for us does have a few rewards, as you will find out tomorrow. But for tonight, have a drink and get some rest. Go ahead and use the diapers. It’s going to be a while before you see a toilet again.”

After his little speech, the man motioned to José, who brought one of the water bottles to Maria. “No talkin’ or you don’t get any water.” He said, then untied her gag and held the straw in her mouth. She sucked greedily until the bottle was empty. He replaced her gag and moved on to Katherine, then each of the rest of them, following the same routine. Once he had given water to all of the captives, both men left the room.

After drinking the water, Katherine’s bladder began to urgently signal that she needed to go to the bathroom. Considering how long it had been since she left her apartment, she was not surprised. She squirmed around and tried to relax, but her body was reluctant to override years of training. Eventually the stress on her bladder overcame her body’s reflexes and she rediscovered what it felt like to wear a very wet diaper. About an hour or so after the visit from the man with the rings, the woman they had seen before returned alone. She went down the row and changed everyone’s diapers, all of which were soiled by this time. When she left with a garbage bag full of the used diapers, she turned off the light behind her.

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