The Mermaid Experience – Chapter 44

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June 29

Janice was sitting in the lobby at the police station again, trying to hide her fear and nervousness. Dave had been gone for a couple of days, and she hoped he was making progress on a rescue. But she couldn’t help wondering what was happening to Katherine. Was she in Guatemala, held captive by a drug dealer? Or was she in North Korea, the notoriously closed society where westerners were often imprisoned for years on the slightest pretext? The phone rang, and after a few minutes Marta called Janice over to her desk.

“It’s Detective Johnson. He would like to speak with you.” She said, handing the receiver over.


“Hello Janice. This is Dave. I have some good news for you.”

“Did you find her?”

“We found all of them. Katherine is in North Korea, being held in the house of a top official. The others managed to escape, and they are currently in Belize. I’m making arrangements for some people to go pick them up.”

“Belize? Didn’t you suspect they were being held in Guatemala?”

“They were. But Belize borders on Guatemala, and they managed to swim there when they escaped.”

“Is Katherine OK? Do you know why they wanted her?”

“I don’t have much information yet. We’re still trying to get agents in place. But it sounds like she has been recruited as a pleasure squad member.”

“Pleasure squad. Is that what it sounds like?”

“Unfortunately yes. Kim Jong Un and the top leaders in his government and military are given young attractive women to provide them with sexual services. Usually these women are recruited at about age 17, and they mostly serve voluntarily. But North Korea has been kidnapping people for years. We estimate there are more than 1000 abductees living in North Korea now. Apparently Katherine caught this general’s eye in Guatemala, and he arranged with Carlos Ruiz to have her sent to him.”

“Can you rescue her?”

“Yes, I believe I can, but it will be very dangerous. If we are caught it will likely cause an international incident. So as much as I know you want me to, I cannot hurry this. It may take me several days to put everything in place.”

“I understand. Please hurry as fast as you can. I can only imagine what horrible things are happening to my daughter.”

“She’s a tough young woman. She’ll get through this.”

“Thank you.”

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