The Mermaid Experience – Chapter 66: Monica Imprisoned

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The night was interminably long, and Monica was forced to use her diaper, which leaked again, making her even more uncomfortable.  At last the door opened and a large woman came in.  She was wearing black tights and a black leotard with a tiny skirt, which looked somewhat silly on her large frame.  Unlike the girl Monica had seen the previous night, the woman was also wearing a belt with a black fanny pack.  The woman’s size was not due to fat– she looked as muscular and fit as the two men who had dragged Monica to her present location.

“Welcome to Mr. Reyes’ private retreat.”  The woman said.  “I am Mistress Calahan, and it is my job to educate you on the realities of your present situation.  I understand that you have a lot of fight in you and that you did a lot of screaming and struggling on your way here.  I hope that you will quickly come to understand that those kinds of actions are futile.  Once you accept your situation and learn to cooperate, I think you will find that life here is not all that bad.  I will begin by explaining a few simple rules.  First, you will obey me or Mr. Ruiz without question.  Second, you may not speak unless we specifically ask you to, other than to acknowledge our orders.  “Yes sir” or “Yes ma’am” are the only words we should ever hear from you.  On rare occasions, it may be permissible to say “No ma’am,” but never in response to a command.”

“The restraints you are currently experiencing are the punishment we will inflict for any disobedience or defiance.  The more severe the infraction, the longer you stay this way.  Now, would you like me to let you loose?”

Monica nodded her head.

“Will you obey the rules that I have just explained?”

Monica nodded again.  She had already decided during the long night that resistance was not useful at this point.  All she could do was follow along and try to look for an opportunity to escape.  It looked like such an opportunity might be a long time coming, but Monica knew that even the best planners made an eventual mistake.  She just needed to stay watchful and take advantage of any chances that came her way.

Mistress Calahan had a key attached by a short chain to a bracelet on her wrist, and she used it to unlock the shackles on Monica’s arms and legs.  Once her hands were free, Monica tried to remove the sticky tape over her mouth, but found that she was unable to peel it free even with her fingernails.

“Oh yes, that is very strong tape, isn’t it?”  Said the mistress.  “Let me help you.”

She had a small spray bottle in her fanny pack, and she sprayed it on the gag.

“Now you should be able to take it off.”  She said.

Monica tried peeling the gag off again and found that it now came free without much difficulty.  It felt so good to spit out the handkerchief and salivate freely again.

“There is a trash can next to your dresser.  You can put the used tape in there.  Then I want you to take off all of your clothes and clean yourself up with the wipes.  Just put the clothes in a pile on the floor for now.”

“Yes ma’am.”  Said Monica.

A few minutes later she was standing naked next to her bed, waiting for the next command.

“You are doing well so far.”  Mistress Calahan said.  “Now I’m going to get the nurse to check you over.  Wait here for us to return.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Once Mistress Calahan had left, Monica looked around her little room.  There was not much to see other than the bed and the dresser.  She opened the drawers in the dresser and was not surprised to see that the top drawer was filled with white tights and the middle drawer had leotards in various pastel colors.  The bottom drawer had a set of sheets for the bed.  Just as Monica closed the last drawer, the door to her room opened and Mistress Calahan came back, accompanied by another woman.  The second woman was dressed like all the others, but her tights and leotard were all white.

“Monica, this is Sadie, our nurse.  She will give you a quick checkup.”  Said Calahan.

“Sit on the bed and open your mouth, please.”  Said Sadie.

Monica sat on the bed and the nurse did a quick checkup, looking into her ears, eyes, and throat.  She listened to Monica’s heart and lungs and took a vial of blood.  Then she had Monica lay down and she did a pelvic exam, taking a few swabs of material and sealing them in a vial.  Lastly, she had Monica pee into a cup.  Monica had a bit of difficulty peeing with two other women watching, but she turned her back and was able to make it happen.  Mistress Calahan had her clean up with one of the wipes afterward.

“Now to get you cleaned up.”  Said the mistress.  “Pick up that pile of dirty clothes and follow me.”

Monica was a little unhappy that she was still nude.  But she had not been told to dress, and she wasn’t allowed to talk and ask any questions, so she picked up her clothes and followed the lady in the black outfit.  She led Monica out of her room and across the hall to the archway she had seen coming in.  Another woman was in the hallway, wearing a red leotard and carrying a pile of neatly folded clothing.  She hurried past, nodding her head at Mistress Calahan.  Beyond the archway was a rectangular area divided into four rooms with a small open area in the middle.  In one corner there was a kitchen, and several women in yellow leotards and wearing yellow aprons were cooking in it.  A second corner contained various cleaning supplies such as brooms, vacuums, paper towels, etc.  In another corner was a laundry area.  Mistress Calahan led Monica into the laundry area and told her to put her dirty clothes in a box in the corner.  Then she led her into the last corner, a walled-off area that turned out to be a bathroom.  There were several stalls without fronts, and a large communal shower area, as well as several sinks and a single counter with makeup supplies on it.

“You may use the bathroom and then shower.  There are combs and brushes for your hair in the drawers under the sinks.  When you are done, go back to your room and put on a pair of tights and your green leotard.  I have a few other things to do, so wait there for my instructions.”

“Yes ma’am.”

It felt good to use an actual toilet and to take a shower and wash off the accumulated grime from her long trip.  There were bars of soap and bottles of shampoo in the shower room.  When Monica opened the drawer under the sink, she found an assortment of combs and brushes, which were apparently used communally by the women being held here.  She selected a comb most like the one she was used to and used it to comb the tangles out of her hair.  When she was done, she left the bathroom to walk to her bedroom.  The woman in the red leotard was in the laundry are when she walked by, so Monica tried waving her hand timidly as she passed.  The other woman seemed a little surprised, but she waved back.

Monica walked to the door to her room and tried to open it, but it was locked.  Unsure what to do, she tried pressing her thumb on the plate next to the handle like she had seen the men do.  There was a quiet “click” and the door opened.  She went inside and put on the clothes as she had been instructed.  They fit perfectly, and not just because of the stretchy fabric.  They were exactly the right size.  Just to see what would happen, Monica pressed her thumb to the plate on the inside of the door.  Nothing happened, and when she tried the handle it didn’t move.  Monica debated using the sheets in the drawer to make up her bed, but decided to wait for instructions.  She sat on the bed instead, but it wasn’t too long before Mistress Calahan returned.

“Because you are new here, I woke you up late.  Normally, when the lights in your room come on, it is time to get up.  When that happens, you will go immediately and get ready– use the restroom, shower, comb your hair, etc.  Then get your breakfast, which you missed today.  There is an assignment chart on the wall in the kitchen.  That will tell you your jobs for the day.  For the first few days, I will show you each of the jobs until you know exactly what to do.  You will work until your job is completely done to the best of your ability, and then you will return to your room, where you will wait until dinner.  After dinner, you will either have another job assigned or you will return to your room for the night.  Is that understood?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Very good.  Today you have a special job.  Come with me.”

Monica followed the mistress back into the central room.  Mistress Calahan showed her the chart on the wall, which had a list of 14 names on it, including M. Calahan and Sophia.  Beside Monica’s name was a green sticker with the words car cleaning on it.  Monica noticed that the colors of the stickers seemed to match the colors of the leotards she had seen—or at least there were two red stickers that said laundry and three yellow stickers that said kitchen.  There were three girls in the kitchen, silently cooking something that smelled wonderful.  Monica wondered who it was for, since it would be a long time until dinner.  Her stomach grumbled at the thought, but no-one commented.  Then Mistress Calahan took her into the cleaning supplies area.

“Put some of that disinfectant cleaner in one of the buckets and fill it with water.”  The mistress instructed.  “Then grab that cleaning caddy and follow me.”

Monica did as she was told and followed the mistress back to her own room, where she was told to clean the plastic sheet covering her bed.  That only took a couple of minutes, after which the mistress led her back to the door through which she had entered the building the night before.  Hanging on the wall beside the door were several long chains hooked to steel collars.  Two men waited by the door.  One of them was one of the two who had brought her here.

“Since you will be going outside the moat, two guards will have to stay within sight of you, and you will need to wear a collar and leash.  Julio and Francisco will be your escorts, and they will be giving you your instructions today.  I will see you again at dinner time.”

“Yes ma’am.”  Said Monica.

“Hold still.”  Said the man Mistress Calahan had called Julio.

Monica stood still, and Julio placed a shiny steel collar around her neck.  The collar hinged in the front and had a lock built into the back.  A long chain extended from the collar and Julio held onto a loop at the other end of it.  Monica quivered a little as the man clicked the lock shut, but she managed to hold back the tears.  Once the leash was in place, the other man opened the door with his thumbprint.  The bridge extended across the moat as he opened the door, and Francisco led the way back to the garage building.  He opened the door with a thumbprint and they led Monica back to the same limousine she had arrived in.

“Today you get to clean up your own messes.”  Said Julio.  “First get all the garbage out and put it in the trash can over there in the corner.”

“Yes sir.”

Monica climbed into the same place that had been her prison for nearly two days.  She looked around the compartment for her purse, but it was gone.  The bag of used diapers was still there, however, and the smell was overpowering. She picked up the bag and carried it dutifully to the trash can.  Julio followed her at the end of the leash.  Standing next to the trash can was a canister vacuum.  After throwing the garbage in the can, Julio instructed her to bring the vacuum back with her to the car.  While she stood next to the car, Julio knelt down and searched the floor for something.  He found a steel cover, which he flipped back out of the way.  Underneath the cover was an electrical outlet as well as a steel ring embedded in the floor.  Julio looped the handle of the leash through the ring and locked it in place with a padlock.

“Now you need to clean out the inside of the car—both front and back compartments.  Use the disinfectant on the back seat wherever it got messy, then vacuum everything and clean the windows and the plastic surfaces.  When you are all done, stand by the car and I’ll come move you to the next one.”

“Yes sir.”

Leaving Monica to her task, the two men walked over to a small table near the main garage door.  They sat there and talked while Monica did her cleaning.  It took about 45 minutes to clean both compartments of the car.  The front section had a lot of crumbs and sticky spots, indicating that her driver had eaten in the car on several occasions.  There was also an extra panel of controls in the center console, with switches for the back door and each of the seat belts in the rear compartment.  Monica completed her cleaning and then waited by the car.  Julio looked up from the table and saw her, but seemed in no hurry to do anything.  After five or ten minutes, Francisco came over to her and unlocked the leash from the ring in the floor.  He moved her over to the second limousine, locked the leash to a similar ring, and told her to clean the next car.

After cleaning the two limousines, Monica was tasked with cleaning one of the more standard sedans.  In this case, they opened the trunk and told her to clean inside it as well.  While the inside of the sedan seemed normal, the trunk had obviously been modified.  There was a layer of thick padding covering the entire interior of the trunk, and as Monica cleaned it felt like the walls of the trunk under the padding had been strengthened.  There were also several stains on the bottom padding that took some hard scrubbing to remove.  Monica tried not to think too hard about how those stains had gotten there.  While she vacuumed the floor of the sedan, two more guards came into the garage.  They spoke with Monica’s keepers for a few minutes, then took the other sedan and left.  Monica caught a glimpse of a rural road lined with palm trees as the large garage door opened for the car to pass.

Next Monica cleaned the Porsche.  There were no surprises and no messes in that car.  By this time, Monica was feeling the need to pee again.  The urge was strong enough that she was afraid she would wet herself if she was not allowed to go to the bathroom soon.  So when Julio came and unlocked her leash, she crossed her legs and pointed to her bottom.

“What’s the matter?”  He asked with a smile.  “You need some dance practice?”

Monica shook her head.

“Well, let’s move you to the RV then.”

“No sir.  Please, I need a restroom.”  Monica blurted.

Julio smiled wider.  “Oh. . .  Now I understand.  I suppose you can do that.”

He motioned to Francisco, and the two men led Monica out of the garage and back through the door into the main building.  They stopped just inside the door and Julio unlocked the collar from Monica’s neck.

“Go do your business and then come back here.”  He told her.

“Yes sir.”  She answered, then walked quickly to the bathroom and relieved herself.  She walked back more slowly, reluctant to have the collar around her neck again.  But the hallway wasn’t very long and in just a few moments she was back to the door and the waiting guards.  Julio put the collar back around her neck and locked it, and then the two men led her back to the garage.  They locked her leash to the ring on the floor next to the large RV and then Francisco went into the cab of the RV and started it up.  With the engine running, he turned the key backwards and the seat of the couch lifted up.  A long drawer rolled out from under the seat.  Then Francisco turned the vehicle off and left Monica to her cleaning.  The inside of the drawer was heavily padded, and there were yellowish stains near the center.  By this time, Monica was not surprised to see this kind of modification, and she went to work scrubbing and vacuuming.  The RV took about two hours to clean, and by the time she was done Monica was very thirsty and hungry.  There were no clocks to look at, but she hoped dinner time would come soon.  Her leotard was stained with sweat and splattered cleaning fluid, and the feet of her tights were black from the garage floor.  She took her place beside the vehicle, waiting for her guards to notice she was done.

After a few minutes, the guards noticed her and came to unlock her leash.  Julio held it while Monica returned the vacuum cleaner to its place in the corner.  Then Monica picked up her bucket and cleaning caddy and followed the two men back to the main house.  Just inside the door, Julio unlocked her collar and then pinched her bottom when she turned to walk away.  Monica jumped in surprise but then continued walking.

“You’d better be careful.”  She heard Francisco say.  “You know the boss doesn’t like us touching his girls.”

“I didn’t hurt her any.”  Replied Julio.

Monica continued down the hall and returned her cleaning supplies to the storage room, emptying the dirty water from the bucket and putting it back where she had gotten it.  The three women assigned to kitchen duty were working on some kind of meal.  Monica hoped it was their dinner.  She went to the bathroom again and drank some water from the sink after washing her hands.  Then she returned to her room and let the door lock behind her.  Since her clothes were so filthy, she took them off and put on a clean pair of tights and her other green leotard.  She wasn’t sure this was allowed, but she hoped taking initiative in this small thing would be acceptable.  She laid down on the bed to wait for dinner.

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