The Mermaid Experience – Chapter 69: Dressing Up

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Monica fell into a routine, rotating through her various jobs with the other women.  If she didn’t think too hard about the leashes and other restrictions, Monica could almost feel like this was just another job.  She gradually associated a face with the name of each of the 13 other women in the harem.  So far, Mr. Ruiz had never called her up to his bedroom, but several of the other women had left from time to time, either chosen by Mr. Ruiz or sent by Mistress Calahan.  Monica feared what would happen when it was her turn, though she loved looking at the sexy lingerie the others got to wear on those evenings.  Then one morning the routine changed.  When Monica looked at her assignment on the job board, there was a white sticker that said “special” in her location.  Daniella had one as well.  After breakfast, Mistress Calahan spoke to them.

“Daniella, you and Monica have a special assignment today.  Mr. Ruiz has requested that you be present while he entertains a visitor.  Report to his bedroom and he will give you your instructions.”

So Monica and Daniella went up to the second floor and knocked on the door to Mr. Ruiz’s bedroom.  He opened the door promptly and ushered them into his large closet.

“A rival of mine is coming to visit.”  He told them.  “And I need some eye candy to be present during our negotiations.  So let’s start by finding some clothes for you to wear.  Come here Monica.”

“Yes sir.”

He took Monica to the rack of dresses and went to a section where they were apparently her size.  He took two or three dresses off the rod and held them up in front of Monica.  It didn’t take him long to make his decision and he handed her a light green gown.

“This one, I think.  Now let’s get you set up with underthings.”

He went to the dresser and opened a drawer, then picked out a pair of panties, a bra, and a pair of pantyhose.

“Put these on while I get Daniella set up.”  Carlos commanded.  “Just throw your other clothes into the laundry chute.”

Monica felt a little embarrassed changing with a man in the room, but Mr. Ruiz wasn’t going anywhere and he clearly expected her to obey.  When he turned his back to pick a dress for Daniella, Monica quickly pulled off her leotard and tights and put them in the laundry chute.  Then she pulled on the panties and bra.  It felt so good to actually wear underwear again.  Especially since this set was silky and lacy and felt fantastic.  She slipped the gown over top and looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the wall of the closet.  The dress had a deep cleavage, short sleeves, and went down to just above her knees.  She hadn’t worn anything this nice since her Quinceañera.  Mr. Ruiz chose a dark blue strapless dress for Daniella that went down to her ankles.  Monica could tell by the look in her eyes that Daniella was just as pleased with her dress as Monica was with hers.  Once they were both dressed, Mr. Ruiz gave them new instructions.

“You both look beautiful in those dresses.  Now go down and do your makeup and hair – but no braids or buns.  I like it loose and long.  When you are done, report to Nurse Sophia in her office.”

“Yes sir.”  They both acknowledged.

Why was he sending them to Sophia?  Monica wondered.  To make sure they were healthy?  She followed Daniella back to the harem and they worked to put on their makeup and do their hair.  They used a curling iron to make Monica’s hair a bit wavy.  Daniella had long straight hair that didn’t need much help.  When they were done, they went back upstairs to the nurse’s office.  As they passed the three women in the kitchen, Monica thought she saw some looks of envy at their luxurious outfits.  They were surprised to see Mr. Ruiz waiting in front of the nurse’s door.  His eyes followed the two of them as they walked down the hall.  Despite her captivity, Monica found herself appreciating the look in his eyes.  If only she had a good pair of shoes to go with her outfit!  When they reached the door, Mr. Ruiz opened it for them.

“Since my guest and I will be discussing some rather confidential matters, I have instructed Sophia to fit you with earplugs for the day.  It will make it a little difficult for me to give you instructions, so I’ll tell you what I want now.  It won’t be too hard as your purpose is mostly decorative.  I want you to follow me and stand behind me when I sit.  I’ve already chosen some drinks, so if I point to one, fill my glass with it.  I’ll point to my guest’s glass if I want you to fill his.  My guest is known for being a bit familiar with the ladies, so he may try to touch you.  You can move gently away from him, but if it seems to be helping my negotiations I may allow him a little bit of leeway.  Don’t worry, I won’t let him go too far.  Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”  They chorused.

“Daniella, you’re first.”  Carlos said.

Daniella went into the room and sat down on the examination table.  Nurse Sophia was waiting for her, with a ball of waxy material in her hand.

“This is a special sound-deadening material.”  Sophia explained.  “I’ll put it into your ears and then cure it with a special light.  When Mr. Ruiz is done with you, he will send you back to me and I will take it out.”

Sophia gently pushed the material into Daniella’s ears until her ear canals were full.  She smoothed it over with her finger and then shone a small flashlight into each ear.  When she was done, she did the same for Monica.  As the material went into her ears, the sounds of the house around her fell away, replaced by the low whooshing sound of her own pulse.  She could tell that Mr. Ruiz was talking, but she could only hear a faint murmur.  When he waved his hand, she and Daniella followed.  He walked over to the room Monica had met him in before and sat on the couch.  He turned on the TV and began watching some kind of news show.  He pointed to the wall on one side of the room, so Monica and Daniella went and stood there.  It wasn’t a bad place to stand and wait, because at least they could see out the windows to the beach and the ocean.  Monica let herself get lost for a time watching the waves and the sea birds.  Eventually, Mr. Ruiz stood up and motioned to the two women.  They followed him out the door and down the stairs.

Mr. Ruiz opened the front door and admitted a short, corpulent man with slicked-back hair.  He was wearing an expensive suit and accompanied by a muscular bodyguard.  Mr. Ruiz spoke with the man for a few minutes, and then turned and led him through the house.  Monica and Daniella followed, with the bodyguard bringing up the rear.  They ended up back in the TV room.  The bodyguard positioned himself by the door, and Mr. Ruiz pointed to a bottle of wine in a bucket of ice on a side table.  While he and his guest sat down, Monica retrieved the wine bottle and poured a drink for each of the men.  Then she returned the bottle to the ice bucket and went to stand behind Mr. Ruiz’s chair.  The two men spoke together for a time, sipping their wine.  Then Mr. Ruiz’s guest pointed at Monica and said something.  Though she strained to understand the low murmurs she could hear through her earplugs, Monica could not understand the words in the conversation that followed.  Eventually, Mr. Ruiz waved for Monica to come around in front of him, and then pointed at his guest.  So Monica went over and stood by the guest, who said something and patted the couch beside him.  Monica looked at Mr. Ruiz, who nodded.

Unsure about exactly what was wanted, Monica sat down on the couch.  Mr. Ruiz’s guest immediately wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her up next to him.  She could smell his sweat, partially covered by the odor of no doubt expensive cologne.  They sat there in that position for some time as the man spoke animatedly with Mr. Ruiz, caressing Monica’s shoulder and arm with his hand.  Monica sat stiffly at first, but as time passed with no further advances, she allowed her body to relax into the man’s embrace.  She had done the same with boyfriends a few times, but with this man there was no warm, comforting feeling to the embrace.  Eventually, the man must have tired of the position, and he pulled Monica down until her head was in his lap.  His right hand then transferred from her shoulder to her thigh, and his left hand played with her hair in between lifting sips of wine to his mouth.  Monica closed her eyes and tried to imagine she was somewhere else, but her stomach clenched itself in knots anyway.  At least the man seemed to be limiting his advances somewhat.  Mr. Ruiz had promised he wouldn’t allow his guest to go too far.  But just how far was that, exactly?

Monica endured the fat man’s attentions for a couple of hours, she guessed, before Mr. Ruiz stood up, followed by his guest.  Monica stood up as well, pulling her skirt back down to cover her legs.  As the two women prepared to follow the men, Mr. Ruiz stopped them, pointing back into the room.  So they went to stand by the wall and watch the ocean again.  They took turns slipping out and going down to the bathroom, then they stood there for another hour or so, holding hands while they waited for Mr. Ruiz to return.  In time, Mr. Ruiz returned, looking quite pleased as he motioned for the two women to follow him.  They went down to the mermaid room, where Andrea waited with another bottle of wine.  Four places were set on the table, and Mr. Ruiz indicated that Daniella should sit by him and Monica should sit by the other man.  Within just a few moments, the man’s hand was on Monica’s leg beneath the table.  She just sat there and let Andrea put a salad in front of her.  Unsure if she was allowed to eat, Monica waited until Mr. Ruiz nodded at her, and then started in on her salad.  It was quite an opportunity to share in one of Chef Castillo’s meals.  Monica had quickly found out that the harem girls cycled through the same 5 meals every five days.  While the meals were nutritious and moderately filling, they got to be a bit monotonous after a while.

They finished their salads and Andrea brought out their main dish.  It was some kind of stuffed pork cutlet with a heavenly sauce, accompanied by small potatoes and artichoke hearts.  Monica had only taken a few bites when she noticed her companion had lost interest in her.  His eyes were fixed on the water tank where the mermaids had come out to dance.  She could tell by the muffled beat that some music was playing, and instead of just swimming around in front of the glass, the mermaids were actually performing some kind of choreographed underwater dance routine.  Their athletic movements though the water were quite beautiful, but Monica made sure to eat all the food on her plate, unlike her neighbor, who seemed too fascinated by the swimming mermaids to appreciate the gourmet meal.  Eventually the mermaid dance ended and the fat man began eating again.  His had fell to Monica’s thigh while he ate.  Monica thought it unfortunate that she had been seated to his left so that his left hand was free to explore while his right shoveled the food into his mouth.  Apparently the sight of the mermaids had excited him because his hand was much more active and insistent than it had been on the couch earlier.  Monica quietly moved her legs together and held them that way for the rest of the meal, but that didn’t prevent the man from lifting her skirt up and touching her far too close to her intimate places.

Luckily, the remaining part of dinner did not last too long, and soon Mr. Ruiz was standing up and escorting his guest away.  Monica and Daniella dutifully followed as they walked to the front door and the guest and his bodyguard left the building.  Mr. Ruiz took them back up to Nurse Sophia’s office, and she removed the earplugs by putting some drops of a solvent on them and then pulling them out of their ears once they had softened up.  Everything sounded loud and tinny for a while as Monica and Daniella walked back down to their rooms and went to bed.  Monica left the panties and bra on while she slept, enjoying the feel of the luxurious fabric for the night.

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