The Mermaid Experience – Chapter 70: Attacked!

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A few days later, Monica was pleased to see her name on a green tag on the job board.  Mistress Calahan told her that it would be her job to wash the cars that day.  She was happy to be able to get out of the house and see the sun, even if it would only be for a few moments as she walked from the house to the garage.  After breakfast, she picked up her cleaning supplies, walked to the back door, locked a collar around her neck, and waited for the guards to come.  She was disappointed when Julio showed up as one of the guards, along with another man she had learned was called Enrique.  For some reason Julio seemed to enjoy tormenting Monica, and every time she encountered him he went out of his way to annoy her or cause her more work.  She tried to avoid him as much as her duties allowed, but this day he took the other end of her leash and led her outside toward the garage.  It must have rained overnight, because the grass and trees were wet and dripping.  The air was humid and sticky, but the birds were singing and the sun was shining.  The feet of Monica’s tights were quickly soaked from the wet pavement, but she figured her clothes would all be wet by the end of the day anyway.

Julio led Monica to the first car, the Porsche, and locked her leash down to a nearby ring in the floor.

“I’ll bring you a hose that you can use for rinsing.”  He told her.

“Yes sir.”  She answered.

Monica put some cleaner into the bucket she had brought, then waited for Julio to bring the hose over so she could fill the bucket and start her cleaning.  Julio soon came back, pulling a hose with a nozzle on the end of it.  When he got close, he twisted the nozzle, thoroughly dousing Monica.

“Oops! I slipped.”  Julio said, before handing Monica the nozzle.

She took the hose without saying anything and went back to washing the car.  Julio leered at her, enjoying the sight of her body which was now very visible beneath her wet leotard.

“At least he’s had his fun now.”  Thought Monica.  “Maybe he’ll leave me alone for the rest of the day.”

Monica took her time and washed each car thoroughly.  When she finished one, the guards would take turns moving her leash from one car to the next.  When she was done with the RV, she stood next to it waiting for one of the guards to come move her to the last car, one of the limousines.  If they continued their pattern, that guard would be Enrique, but Monica could see him sitting in a chair in the corner with his head back and his mouth open, sound asleep.  Jose came to her instead, moving the chain to the ring next to the limousine.

“Before you start on the outside, there’s a mess in the back of this one that you need to clean up.”  He told her.

“Yes sir.”  Answered Monica as Jose opened the back door of the car and let her in.

She climbed into the back seat of the limousine, but didn’t see any obvious mess.  Julio entered the car after her.

“The cameras can’t see us in here.”  He said.

Then he reached out and grabbed Monica’s right wrist.  She tried to pull away but he was much stronger than her.  He pulled her wrist up next to a bracket for one of the curtains and used his other hand to pull a zip-tie out of his pocket and tie her wrist to the bracket.  It was hard for Monica to overcome weeks of conditioning not to speak and not to resist, but as Julio’s purpose became clear she struggled harder, kicking and finally even yelling for help.  Julio pushed her up onto the seat and climbed on top of her, using his knees to trap her legs and keep her from kicking him.  Then he fastened her left wrist to another bracket and covered her mouth with a square of the foam tape.  She continued to struggle, trying to pull her hands out of the zip-ties, but Julio had fastened them very tightly and the zip-ties only dug more deeply into her wrists.  With her arms secure, Julio turned his attention to her legs.  There were no handy brackets nearby to fasten them to, but Julio was not deterred.  In fact he moved like he had planned it all out.  He fastened one of the seat belts and pulled it tight against the seat, then wrapped two zip ties around Monica’s left leg and then around the seat belt.  The method worked only too well, and Monica found that she could only move her leg an inch or two.  Lastly, Julio pulled Monica’s right leg down against the front of the seat and trapped it in place with a knee.  He pulled a small roll of the foam tape out of his pocket and stripped away the backing paper before using it to tape Monica’s leg in place against the front of the seat.

“I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for weeks.”  Her attacker said.  “I’ve wanted you ever since I first pulled you out of this car, and now I’m finally going to get you.”

He dropped his pants and crawled back up onto the seat to loom over her.  Then the triumphant look in his eyes became annoyed as he looked at her leotard.

“Mierda!”  He said, as he realized that the only way to get her leotard off was to pull it down from the top.

Monica was silently grateful for her leotard and tights, despite the many times she had cursed having to get almost completely undressed to use the toilet.  Julio grabbed the crotch of her leotard and pulled, trying to tear it open.  But though the fabric was thin and stretchy, it was also tough, and it didn’t yield to his attempts to rip it.  He started digging around in his pocket for a knife or key.  But just at that moment, the car door was pulled wide open and a large, meaty hand reached in to grab Julio by the back of his shirt.  He was pulled roughly out of the car and out of Monica’s sight, but she could still hear the discussion that took place.

“Julio!  What is the first rule of working for Mr. Ruiz?”  Said a loud, threatening voice.

It was answered by a sullen silence, followed by the thud of a fist hitting flesh.

“What is the rule?”  The voice asked again.

“Don’t touch Mr. Ruiz’s women.”  Answered Julio in a whimpering tone.

“Right.”  Said the other voice.  “What should we do with him, Mr. Ruiz?”

“I think we’ll have him guard the front door for a time.  Then get rid of him.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Good.  Call Mistress Calahan to take care of Monica, and take Enrique to the nurse.  I think he’s been drugged.”

“Yes sir.”

Mr. Ruiz looked in through the car door at Monica.  “Are you OK?”

Monica nodded.

“Did he hurt you?”

Monica shook her head.

“Good.  Mistress Calahan will be here in a few minutes to let you go.”

A few minutes later, Mistress Calahan climbed into the car, trailing a leash behind her.  She sprayed the solvent on Monica’s gag and on the tape holding her right leg to the seat, then she used some scissors to cut the zip ties.  Once Monica was free, Mistress Calahan wrapped an arm around her waist as they walked back to the harem, trailed by two guards holding their leashes.  Once they were back inside and the collars were removed, Mistress Calahan went with Monica to her room and held her while Monica cried on her shoulder.  After a few minutes, Monica stopped shaking and Mistress Calahan stood up.

“Change into some dry clothes.  It won’t be long until dinner.”  She said.

Monica changed, then laid on her bed until the lights flashed to signal dinner was ready.  The next day, she was assigned to clean the halls again.  When she came to the foyer, she found an extra guard standing just inside the front door.  The guard looked at her.

“Mr. Ruiz wanted me to show you this.”  He said.  Then he opened the front door.

Standing in the middle of the moat was Julio, clad only in a diaper, his mouth sealed with foam tape.  His right side was bruised from where he had been punched, and his skin was starting to redden from the sun.  Monica looked down into the moat to see that Julio was standing on a small circular platform just barely large enough for his bare feet.  A shackle on one of his ankles was connected to a bolt in the concrete beside the platform.  Feeling the bruises of her own on her wrists and legs, Monica had little pity for the situation her tormentor now found himself in.  She turned away from the door and continued her cleaning.

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