The Mermaid Experience – Chapter 73: Missing Women

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In the morning, one of the guards came into Monica’s room and handed her a key to the shackles.

“Let all the other women go and then bring the key back to me.  I’ll be waiting by the door.”  He told her.

After the guard left, Monica got up and pulled the sheets off of her bed.  Her diaper had overflowed in the night after all the water she drank at dinner time.  She changed into dry clothes and then went around the harem releasing all of the other women.  When she was done, Monica returned the key to the guard and then went to take a shower.  Then she helped Veronica and Juana do the laundry.  Monica wasn’t the only one with wet sheets, so there was plenty of extra laundry to do.  But the day still dragged on, and they spent considerable time just sitting around the harem, playing finger games or braiding each other’s hair.

Mr. Simons came back at dinner time and handed the bottle of solvent spray to Tania.

“It will be your turn to do the extra chores tonight.”  He told her.

Tania used the spray on all of their gags and then handed out the ration bars and poured milk this time instead of orange juice.  Monica noticed that Christina and Lucia had not returned.  She looked at Sophia to see if she had any clues, but Sophia just shook her head gently and shrugged her shoulders.

“Jennifer and Veronica will report to Nurse Sophia in the morning.”  Mr. Simons said when they had all eaten their dinner and drunk their fill.  Then he stayed to watch Tania put new gags on everyone before leaving for the night.

This time, Monica made sure to use the bathroom before heading to her bedroom, and she put two diapers on before laying down and letting Tania lock her shackles.  When the morning came, Monica was pleased that her sheets were still dry.  She had been assigned to housecleaning duty again, so she put a pink leotard on for the day.  She thought Tania could have rotated the jobs better, perhaps assigning Monica to cooking duty, but it didn’t really matter.  Monica decided to start upstairs, so she took her cleaning cart to the elevator.  For some reason the front door stood open, with a guard standing beside it.  Maybe it was for the breeze which blew gently through the hallway.

Jennifer and Veronica went into the elevator with Monica, as they were on the way to the nurse’s office.  Monica wondered if she would see them again.  They both looked very nervous and afraid, so she gave them a hug before they left the elevator.

Monica cleaned the large room with the TV and the balcony, then went back out into the hall to see what other rooms had their doors open.  As she entered the hallway, she was passed by Veronica, who was strapped down to a gurney being pushed by a guard.  She appeared to be unhurt, as Monica could see her move her head and arms a little.  Monica wondered where she was being taken and why she had to be strapped down, but there were no answers available.  Once the gurney was past, Monica crossed the hall to a bedroom with an open door.  Apparently Mr. Simons had a visitor, because the bed was unmade with some clothing scattered across it.  Monica picked up the clothing—a black skirt and cream colored blouse along with some underwear– and folded them up to place on a nearby chair.  That was when she noticed the bag sitting beside the chair.  Apparently Mr. Simons’ visitor liked to knit, because the bag held a ball of yarn, some knitting needles, and a partly finished project in it.  What caught Monica’s eye was the pair of scissors tucked neatly into a side pocket.  Monica hesitated for just a moment, then laid the skirt down on the chair so it hung over the side, almost touching the bag.  Then she made the bed and vacuumed the floors.  She moved her cleaning cart next to the chair so it would be out of the way while she vacuumed the rest of the floor.  When that was done, she moved the cleaning cart away to vacuum around the chair, but before she did so, she picked up the bag to move it aside and let her hand slip down and transfer the scissors to her cart.

Monica’s heart nearly pounded its way out of her chest as she finished cleaning the room and moved to the next task.  She was painfully aware of the scissors tucked underneath a cleaning cloth on her cart.  Was there a camera in that room?  Would anyone notice the loss of the scissors?  Hopefully not before she made her move.  It seemed to take forever to finish cleaning the rest of the upstairs, but finally Monica rolled her cleaning cart into the elevator.  Instead of pushing the button for the first floor, she simply pushed the door close button.  And as soon as the doors slid shut, she pulled the scissors from their hiding place.  They seemed to be pretty sharp.  Would they be strong enough to cut her collar?  If so, and if the door was still open, she could try to make her break for freedom.  Her trembling hands slid the bottom half of the scissors up inside her collar, and then she squeezed with all her strength.  At first it seemed like nothing was happening, but she wiggled the scissors and tried again.  She could feel something give.  She was cutting through!

Then the electricity started pulsing through her body.  The scissors felt like a burning brand against her neck, and her fingers froze into claws as her muscles spasmed.  Unable to control her body, Monica collapsed to the ground, twitching as the collar continued to shock her.  Perhaps she would die, she thought.  And the darkness closed in.

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