About LightingDad


737 LED Landing, Taxi and Runway Turnoff Light

This blog was started as a vehicle for some semi-political posts like my first post:  “How is Immigration like a Dam?”  I intend to occasionally post similar fact-driven opinion essays from time to time.  Having been a missionary in San Diego, California and Buenos Aires, Argentina, I learned to love and serve many of the people who are impacted by US immigration policy, so that topic is near to my heart.

In addition, I am writing a Science Fiction story called “The Mermaid Experience.”  I will be posting chapters of that story as they are finished.  My goal is a chapter each week, but that may adjust depending on my schedule and motivation.  After writing the first 81 chapters, I made some changes to my story and made some compilation pages with 25 chapters each in them.  Here is a link to the first set:  Link to The Mermaid Experience.

The name of the blog comes from my career as an optical designer.  Don’t be surprised if you see occasional pictures of Airplane lights.

Lastly, my son is writing a fantasy story and posting it online.  I think it is very good, though I am a bit biased.  You can find it at this link:  The Chainer’s Legacy


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